Current Cookies

June 2022 -  YASS Cream Box



This cookie has a waffle cone base and a premium vanilla flavor. It’s paired with loads of white chocolate and a milk chocolate center. Then it’s topped with the classic Drumstick top – chocolate shell and chopped peanuts. UnCONEditional represents the aspect of Pride that stresses unconditional love and acceptance.

Weight: 6 oz - Part of the YASS Cream Box


Rocky Road

Rocky road in a cookie, simply put! This is a chocolate cookie base with marshmallow flavor and roasty almonds. Check out the center for a marshmallow fluff filling! This is a tribute to the rockiness of systemic issues and the persistence needed to overcome. Today, the fight for gay rights and liberation continues.

 Weight: 5.6oz - Part of the YASS Cream Box


No Judge-Mint

This is a simple, yet effective take on mint chip. It’s a vanilla base with loads of our favorite speckled mint chips and a few semi-sweet chips in the mix. Enough said! No JudgeMint is embracing the growth we’ve all put in and acknowledging that everyone is on their own journey. Accept people where they’re at!

Weight: 5.9 oz - Part of the YASS Cream Box

I Yam

It’s a deliciously sweet and nutty ube base with a touch of coconut cream and white chocolate. The ube flavor is complimented by our mango fruit filling in the middle, and topped with mochi. "I Yam" is a reminder of the importance of freedom of expression and how it affects the LGBTQ+ community

Weight: 6.1 oz - Part of the YASS Cream Box