Current Cookies

September 2021 - The Every Body Counts Box


Iron Therapy

This cookie is built to satisfy every lifter's craving. Whether you have love for the barbell or the cable machines, Iron Therapy is a testament to the strength our bodies can build. Complete with a Cocoa Puff base, distinct butterscotch chips, and a Reese's Cup center - we set a personal record. Check out the top for a chocolate-y top and a buttery Fudge Stripe cookie.

Weight: 7.1oz - Part of the Every Body Counts Box


Walk and Talk

We infused this dough with classic espresso. To balance the espresso, we added carmel-y butterscotch chips and espresso chocolate chips. Take a bite, and you'll find a house-made vanilla cream infused with locally roasted coffee straight from Seattle. Can you tell we take our coffee AND our cookies seriously?

Weight: 7.6oz  - Part of the Every Body Counts Box


Climbing Mountains

We'll keep this description simple: trail mix in a cookie! We turned the classic hiking snack into a #thicc treat filled with roasted cashews, tart and chewy dried cranberries, and sweet mini M&Ms. Then we topped it with more M&Ms and Nature Valley crumbles. We can't believe how good this tastes! Take it with you on your next adventure.

Weight: 6.5oz - Part of the Every Body Counts Box



Berry Mindful

We bridged the gap between mind and body. This cookie sends you into the clouds of consciousness. We gave it a blueberry and strawberry base and lifted the fruity tang with creamy white chocolate. The center of this cookie is filled with deliciously dark fruit jam. Take a breath. Find your center. Enjoy Berry Mindful.

Weight: 6.3oz - Part of the Every Body Counts Box