Coping Cookies storefront coming soon to Capitol Hill 🎉
Coping Cookies storefront coming soon to Capitol Hill 🎉
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December 2022 


Snickerdoodle 2.0

We didn't want to change the snickerdoodle too much - it's just so good! We used a Cinnamon Toast Crunch base (you read right) and mixed in some classic snickerdoodle spices. Our mix-ins include cinnamon chips and caramel-y butterscotch!

Weight: 6.6oz - Part of the Homebody Holiday Box




Sweet SentiMINT

A holiday box without peppermint? Impossible! Sweet SentiMINT is a sugar cookie base with deliciously melty peppermint chips. We kept it simple - as small sentiments should be! Topped with the cutest peppermint pretzel star you've ever seen.

Weight: 7oz - Part of the Homebody Holiday Box




Sip it, sis. This is the holiday chai you love! We achieved this with a housemade mix of chai spices and real loose black tea. We then mixed in crispy ginger snap, warm cinnamon chips, and our favorite white chocolate. Check the topping for candied orange zest to highlight these signature spices.

Weight: 6.7oz - Part of the Homebody Holiday Box



Long Year, Shortbread

The perfect close to the century that is 2020. We revamped the legendary thumbprint cookie! This cookie is flavored with high-quality almond extract and mixed with crumbled shortbread, chopped almonds, and subtle white chocolate. We then filled it with a velvety, tart raspberry preserve. 

Weight: 7.1oz - Part of the Homebody