Coping Cookies storefront coming soon to Capitol Hill 🎉
Coping Cookies storefront coming soon to Capitol Hill 🎉
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Frequently Asked Questions


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I’m on the site…why can’t I buy cookies?

Have you checked our monthly schedule? It’s on the very front of the page. Once the preorder date and time is live, cookies will be up! We promise! there weed in them?


Are these vegan?

Short answer: No. Long answer: We have limited vegan flavors that are available depending on our ingredient availability! 

How long do cookies stay fresh for?

Our cookies have a decent fresh-time because of the quality of our base ingredients and the care we put into preparation. Cookies are at their peak freshness between 1 to 10 days at room temperature. In the fridge, they can keep for 14 days. However, plenty of people have mentioned cookies don't usually last more than a couple days before being eaten…

Can I freeze cookies?

Yes! They freeze phenomenally. Please use a freezer-safe bag or container. We have stored cookies for a month. Others have mentioned storing for longer! When you're ready to enjoy, defrost it in the fridge over night until thawed. There ya go! Personally, we love eating our cookies refrigerated. But the magic microwave sweet spot is ~8-10 seconds for sections of cookies.

Are there gluten-free options? What about nut allergens?

Unfortunately, we do not offer gluten-free options at this time. We follow precautions for nuts including saving nut prep for last to avoid cross-contamination, washing/sanitizing equipment in between nut contamination, and separate packaging. Please be mindful of reading about our cookie mix-ins! We mention all allergens on cookie packaging.

Do you donate to organizations?

We will donate a portion of each months proceeds toward organizations that support the interruption and dismantling of systemic trauma and/or mental health. We put a lot of research into the organizations we support. This includes investigating board members, noting community involvement, and analyzing 990 tax forms before choosing. If you order cookies, you will also receive a card that names the organization, a brief section about what they do, and a QR code you can scan to learn more. 

What shipping carrier? How soon will I get my shipment?

Currently, we ship via USPS Priority Mail. Our cookies are heavy, and we learned that shipping by weight would be costly for our customers. This shipping method usually delivers within 1-3 business days once shipped, but it can span up to 5 depending on the environmental factors (storms, fires, snow, supermassive black holes, etc). We invested in shipping methods and got the flat rate down to $9 for WA/OR and $12 for the remaining states. 

If my order arrives after the 3 day priority mail window, is it okay?

We are doing everything on our end to make sure that our boxes go out on time, and that your cookies are baked fresh and sealed right before shipping. We also try our best to ship at the beginning of the week to avoid Sundays. Once the cookies are out of our hands and in the hands of USPS, we cannot guarantee the exact amount of time they take to arrive. Our USPS workers do their best!

Our cookies have an exceptional shelf life, and they keep well outside of the refrigerator. If your package arrives late - we promise the cookies will still taste amazing.

If they never arrive due to the error of the post office, or are sent back due to an error in the shipping address, we are not held responsible. We are always willing to help you problem solve, though. Send us a DM or an email.

My cookies arrived damaged - what can you do?

We do everything to ensure that your cookies are shipped, safe and sound. We pack them extra tight and mark the boxes as "fragile."

Once the boxes are passed onto USPS, we cannot guarantee the conditions of the cookies upon arrival. In our experience, USPS has never completely annihilated shipping boxes like other carriers do sometimes. If there is light breakage or indentation, we cannot replace the order. If the cookies are completely smashed with box damage, please let us know immediately and we will follow up!

If the cookie decoration arrives melted (which can happen in warmer climates), put the cookies in the fridge for a few to regain that delicious texture!

Want to ask us more questions?

Send us an email at or DM us on IG @coping.cookies