NEXT SHIPPING PRE-ORDER: June 21st @ 5pm PST (for shipping only)
NEXT SHIPPING PRE-ORDER: June 21st @ 5pm PST (for shipping only)
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there gluten-free options? What about nut allergens?

Unfortunately, we do not offer gluten-free options at this time. Currently, we do not operate in a space that ensures our items can be gluten-free. This includes the possibility of cross-contamination with nuts. Someday we'll make it big and use a big girl kitchen. Hi, mom!

How big are the cookies? Am I getting my money's worth?

THEY ARE HUGE. Our cookies weigh in from 5.6 ounces to 7.5 ounces. That means a few of our cookies are nearly 1/4 of a pound. But we promise they are full of love. We care about what we give! Each ingredient is chosen on purpose and is carefully weighed.
Taste and quality is our priority.

How do you calculate shipping cost?

Currently, we ship via USPS Priority Mail. This takes up to 3 business days and is priced at $9.00 for Washington State and $14.00 for the rest of the US. Doing our shipping through the post office ensures that you are paying a lower price than other carriers and allows us to ship nationwide for flat rates. We can ship up to eight cookies (two boxes) for those rates - no matter the weight or distance.

My cookies didn't arrive within 3 days - what can you do?

Our methods of shipping take up to 3 business days. We are doing everything on our end to make sure that our boxes go out on time, and that your cookies are baked fresh and sealed right before shipping. Once the cookies are out of our hands and in the hands of USPS, we cannot guarantee the exact amount of time they take to arrive.

Our cookies have an exceptional shelf life, and they keep well outside of the refrigerator. If your package arrives late - we promise the cookies will still taste amazing.

If they never arrive due to the error of the post office, or are sent back due to an error in the shipping address, we are not held responsible. You are welcome to file a claim with USPS using your tracking number and the receipt of your order.

My cookies arrived damaged - what can you do?

We do everything to ensure that your cookies are shipped, safe and sound. We pack them extra tight and mark the boxes as "fragile."

Once the boxes are passed onto USPS, we cannot guarantee the conditions of the cookies upon arrival. If they arrive COMPLETELY damaged (smashed box and smashed cookies), that is an error in USPS handling. At that point, it is necessary to file a claim with your tracking number and purchase receipt through USPS to receive your insurance reimbursement.

If they arrive melted (which can happen in warmer climates), put the cookies in the fridge for a few to regain that delicious texture!

Do you donate to organizations?

We will donate a portion of each months proceeds toward organizations that support the interruption and dismantling of systemic trauma. Each month, we will choose a new organization to support. Check out our "Who We Support" tab to learn about who we are donating to this month.

Want to ask us more questions?

Send us an email!