How It Works

There's a Method!

For Shipping Orders

We ship nationwide! Currently, shipping orders are active on the website every Saturday from 12pm to 5pm PST (except for the last Saturday). Once orders are live, you can access the link from our home page and order away! Once orders are done, they’re done! Cookies are sold by-the-box unless otherwise specified. This is a new method, and we will be adjusting according to customer preference and business needs - but this is how it is for now!

Given the weight and size of our cookies, we use USPS Flat Rate boxes. Currently, we can only allow for two boxes (8 cookies) to fit into the flat rate box. Shopify will not allow you to purchase more than two boxes per shipment order! The site will not let you proceed to checkout with more than two boxes and will read an error message when you enter your shipping address. Current shipping prices are the following: $9 WA/OR and $12 for all other states.

Pop-Ups and Pick-Up

PICK-UP: Currently, we offer monthly pick-up preorders at Chuck's Hop Shop in Central District. How do you preorder for pick-up? We'll let you know in the monthly schedule on our home page and on Instagram. Here's an example: You preorder on the specified day. Then you pick up your cookies at Chuck's during our pop-up. It's a great way to guarantee cookies at a pop-up without paying for shipping and without worrying about your favorite flavor selling out. Miss out on a preorder for pick-up at Chuck's? No worries! We still sell cookies on a first come basis.

POP-UPS: We love popping up in and around Seattle! From cafes, to breweries, to local markets - we’ve been around. We post the pop-up schedule on the home page of the site and announce them on Instagram. Cookies are sold individually instead of by-the-box! No preorders are necessary for pop-ups and markets. Where should we pop-up next?!

Our Boxes Change Monthly

Every month, we'll release a new box of flavors that is typically themed! From our Every Body Counts Box to our Chocolate Therapy Box, the flavors are interestingly calibrated and delicious. We take pride in our flavors. Check out the "Current Cookies" tab on the website or our Instagram feed to see the latest rotating box.