NEXT SHIPPING PRE-ORDER: June 21st @ 5pm PST (for shipping only)
NEXT SHIPPING PRE-ORDER: June 21st @ 5pm PST (for shipping only)
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How It Works

There's a Method to our Madness!

We Use a Pre-order System

Once a month, we'll announce a pre-order. The announcements will be released on our Instagram - so keep your eyes peeled! Our pre-orders are open until sell-out, which usually is anywhere from 5-30 minutes. Occasionally, we feel adventurous and announce surprise second pre-order or a giveaway. That's just our way of keeping the flame alive. Once pre-orders close, we have a 1 week turn around time before shipping or pick-up. This does not include weekends.

Shipping and Pick-Up

SHIPPING: Given the weight and size of our cookies, we use USPS Flat Rate boxes. We are then limited to how much we can squeeze into the flat rate box size. Currently, we can only allow for two boxes (8 cookies) to fit into the flat rate box.

PICK-UP: Pick-up will be hosted at Rain City Fit in Capitol Hill (1516 11th Ave). We love this gym, and we are excited to have you see it, too! Find us in front of the gym with your cookies in hand during the pick-up times of your choosing.

Shortly after you place an order for pick-up, we will send out an email with the days/times that are available, and further instructions.

Our Cookies Don't Travel Alone

Our cookies have a great support system. They come in batches of four - one of each cookie listed in the box. No solo riders at this time!

Our Boxes Change Monthly

Every month, we'll release a new box or bring back crowd favorites. Each box is a group of four that can be purchased during our pre-order time. Our boxes like to follow themes. Check out our Instagram for more pictures of the goods. You can also look at our "Current COOKIES" tab.