We're at the SLU Saturday Market 2x this month!
We're at the SLU Saturday Market 2x this month!
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This cookie has a waffle cone base and a premium vanilla flavor. It’s paired with loads of white chocolate and a milk chocolate center. Then it’s topped with the classic Drumstick top – chocolate shell and chopped peanuts. UnCONEditional represents the aspect of Pride that stresses unconditional love and acceptance.

Weight: 6 oz - Part of the YASS Cream Box


Rocky Riot!

Rocky road in a cookie, simply put! This is a chocolate cookie base with marshmallow flavor and roasty almonds. Check out the center for a marshmallow fluff filling! This is a tribute to the rockiness of systemic issues and the persistence needed to overcome. Today, the fight for gay rights and liberation continues.

 Weight: 5.6oz - Part of the YASS Cream Box


No Judge-Mint

This is a simple, yet effective take on mint chip. It’s a vanilla base with loads of our favorite speckled mint chips and a few semi-sweet chips in the mix. Enough said! No JudgeMint is embracing the growth we’ve all put in and acknowledging that everyone is on their own journey. Accept people where they’re at!

Weight: 5.9 oz - Part of the YASS Cream Box

U-be Yourself

It’s a deliciously sweet and nutty ube base with a touch of coconut cream and white chocolate. The ube flavor is complimented by our mango fruit filling in the middle, and topped with mochi. U-be Yourself is a reminder of the importance of freedom of expression and how it affects the LGBTQ+ community

Weight: 6.1 oz - Part of the YASS Cream Box

Key Lime Climb

A testament to the climb everyone takes during their journey into mental health. Key Lime Climb is a graham base with key lime flavor. Complete with blueberries and yogurt chips throughout! Topped with a key lime pretzel!

Weight: 6 oz - Part of the You Matter Box


Safe and Sconed

This is a tribute to our favorite scone flavor! It also stands as a reminder of the importance of safety in all relationships. It's a blend of candied orange, tart cranberries, and white chocolate. Held together with a bright and light flavored base.

Weight: 7.4 oz - Part of the You Matter Box




A semi-savory ode to the importance of forming habits that support your mental health goals. Herbitual is a lemon shortbread base with creamy lemon chips. We added a handful of pear bits in the mix and completed the base with just a touch of basil. Topped with a lemon Oreo!

 Weight: 6.1 oz - Part of the You Matter Box


Rose Above

Rose Above is a tribute to empowerment. Mental health is full of highs, lows, and mediums. This is the high felt by rising above. This is a poundcake base with rosewater! Met with toasted coconut, smooth white chocolate, and a dark berry jam center. 

Weight: 6.1 oz - Part of the You Matter Box



Carrot 'Bout It

Care about it! Care about what you convey onto others and care about the needs of others. This is a carrot cake concoction with a carrot and spice cake base. Complete with chopped pecans, tart yogurt chips, and a cream cheese buttercream center. Check the top for the cutest gummy carrot ever!

Weight: 6.9 oz - Part of the Listen Up



Raspberry Resistance

Raspberry Resistance is how we can show up against bias and the oppression of others. It is gathering enough knowledge about the matter to speak on it! This is a cookie FILLED with dark chocolate and raspberries. Simple and delicious!

Weight: 6.2 oz - Part of the Listen Up


Halve a Heart

There’s power in the space we can hold for ourselves and for others. Halve a Heart is a pistachio filled bit of goodness with cherry halves throughout. It’s complete with a touch of white chocolate for a creamy finish – a delicious balance of flavor.

Weight: 6.7 oz - Part of the Listen Up Box



Banana Cream Bias

This is a reminder to check your own engrained bias! This also helps to become aware of how it shows up systemically. Banana Cream Bias is a banana cream with Nilla wafer base with bananas and white chocolate throughout. The center features a creamy buttercream.

Weight: 6.3 oz - Part of the Listen Up Box


Chscke n' Chill

Going with the flow with this cheesecake in cookie form! This is a
graham base with a cheesecake flavor-infused dough. Complete with
subtly tart yogurt chips and a fruity sprinkle of strawberries. Split it to find a velvety smooth cheesecake filling!

Weight: 6 oz - Part of the Keep Marching Box


Lavender Bloom

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking. Lavender Bloom is a butter cookie
base with the highest quality lavender extract. We swirled in some
creamy white chocolate and filled it with dark marionberry filling.

Weight: 5.9 oz - Part of the Keep Marching Box


Never Too Matcha

Never too much - just enough. This is a swirl of 100% Japanese matcha
into our signature cookie base. Complete with chunks of macadamia,
toasted coconut, and smooth white chocolate. The center features a
creamy matcha Lindt truffle!

Weight: 6 oz - Part of the Keep Marching Box



Milky Charms

What’s better? The cereal or the cereal milk at the end? This cookie is both! We used a Lucky Charms base and mixed in some magically milky yogurt chips. Then we filled the center with filling made with real Lucky Charms cereal milk. Too good to be true? No, just lucky!

Weight: 6.5oz - Part of the Balanced Breakfast Box



E.B.T.S. (Everything But The Stack)

Literally everything a stack of pancakes should be (minus the actual stack!) We used a maple base and mixed in fluffy buttermilk pancake. Complete with 

Weight: 6.2oz - Part of the Balanced Breakfast Box



All or Muffin' 

If a muffin can be disguised as breakfast, this can, too! We used a vanilla base to capture that subtly sweet muffin base. Complete with tart and vibrant blueberries! Check out the streusel topping to finish it off.

 Weight: 6.5oz - Part of the Balanced Breakfast Box



Sip Sip, Hooray!

Bottomless mimosas, anyone? The brunch game is stronger than every. Peep this champagne flavored base! We made it happen by adding heaps of candied orange and real mango. (No booze, though).

Weight: 5.8oz - Part of the Balanced Breakfast Box


Not So Gold

Cookie butter is a tough one to beat. But we think Nutella gets the job done. The only change with Stay Gold is the filling. You'll still find the crunchy and salty goodness of pretzels and toffee bits throughout - filled with a generous dollop of Nutella!

Weight: 6.5oz - Part of the O.G REMIX Box



Vanilla C.R.E.A.M.

This OG favorite is looking a little inverted. We switched up the Oreo base and used Golden Oreos! The sweet vanilla flavor was then balanced with our caramel-y butterscotch chips. Of course, we kept with our tradition and slapped a whole Golden Oreo in the middle!

Weight: 6.2oz - Part of the O.G REMIX Box


This PB is Bananas

This cookie is our favorite banana cookie with a nutty twist. We swapped out the dark chocolate in favor of Reese's peanut butter chips. Take a bite and get a load of banana, chopped walnut, and peanut buttery goodness!

 Weight: 6.5oz - Part of the O.G REMIX Box


Caramel S'more

Hershey's who? We swapped the milky chocolate squares with chewy, sweet caramels. Don't worry, that marshmallow center is here to stay! Break it open to find that signature marshmallow filling. Check out the top and enjoy the mini Ghirardelli square topper.

Weight: 5.8oz - Part of the O.G REMIX Box


Snickerdoodle 2.0

We didn't want to change the snickerdoodle too much - it's just so good! We used a Cinnamon Toast Crunch base (you read right) and mixed in some classic snickerdoodle spices. Our mix-ins include cinnamon chips and caramel-y butterscotch!

Weight: 6.6oz - Part of the Homebody Holiday Box



Sweet SentiMINT

A holiday box without peppermint? Impossible! Sweet SentiMINT is a sugar cookie base with deliciously melty peppermint chips. We kept it simple - as small sentiments should be! Topped with the cutest peppermint pretzel star you've ever seen.

Weight: 7oz - Part of the Homebody Holiday Box




Sip it, sis. This is the holiday chai you love! We achieved this with a housemade mix of chai spices and real loose black tea. We then mixed in crispy ginger snap, warm cinnamon chips, and our favorite white chocolate. Check the topping for candied orange zest to highlight these signature spices.

Weight: 6.7oz - Part of the Homebody Holiday Box



Long Year, Shortbread

The perfect close to the century that is 2020. We revamped the legendary thumbprint cookie! This cookie is flavored with high-quality almond extract and mixed with crumbled shortbread, chopped almonds, and subtle white chocolate. We then filled it with a velvety, tart raspberry preserve. 

Weight: 7.1oz - Part of the Homebody Holiday Box


On A Roll

Sometimes, all you need is a bit of momentum to get to where you want to be. Once you get going, keep going. On a Roll is our take on the delicious Fall treat - the cinnamon roll! This cookie has a warm maple base and subtle cinnamon chips - along with our smooth white chocolate. We then eased the sweet with some salty and sweet caramelized bourbon pecans. Break open the center to find the best cinnamon bun filling you'll ever taste!

Weight: 7oz - Part of the Begin Again Box


Eyes On The Pies

Tunnel vision is a great skill in moderation. November has our sight on the prize AND the pies. This cookie is the perfect blend of pumpkin spice, smooth white chocolate, and chopped pecans. We also added crumbled ginger snap for a touch of novelty. But the true star of this show is the pumpkin pie right in-between. It's something to ~FALL~ for. Zero apologies for puns!

Weight: 7.4oz - Part of the Begin Again Box


Crust The Process

Going through changes means facing some uncertainty. This cookie is plain and simple so you know exactly what to expect. We used a graham cracker base infused with apple pie spices and mixed in sweet cinnamon chips. Rest assured we added real apple pie filling in the middle, then topped it with icing and sweet cinnamon streusel. Trust the process - keep going!

Weight: 7oz - Part of the Begin Again Box



Weathering change means being confused at times. That's okay. Don't let this cookie sway you - take a leap and try it! This cookie is the beautiful union between cornbread and cookie. Featuring crumbled honey cornbread and lightly sweet dried corn. We then balanced it with a center of a citrusy, tart orange marmalade. Topped with a honey stroopwafel! [insert corny joke].

Weight: 6.8oz - Part of the Begin Again Box


Nutell' Me About It 

Cookies need Nutella - period! Nutell' Me About It is an ode to speaking up for your needs and making your voice heard. We began with a graham cracker base and curved the graham with subtly sweet chocolate chips. Every bite is met with the nutty crunch of roasted almonds and salted caramel chips. Finally, we filled the center with the chocolaty goodness of Nutella and topped it with caramely and roasty toffee. 

Weight: 7.8oz - Part of the Chocolate Therapy Box


Dough Daze

Sometimes life puts us in a daze. Before you start going through the motions, take a bite of this. Wake up to real fudge brownie marbled throughout this cookie base. We then offset the chocolate with a hint of peanut butter chip. Break open this center to find the warmth of chewy caramel. Lastly, we topped Dough Daze with actual cookie dough candy and an aesthetic drizzle to wrap it all up.

Weight: 7.2oz - Part of the Chocolate Therapy Box


Full of Chip

We need to be called out on our chip from time-to-time, right? Now is the time to practice accountability. We are proud to debut our new cocoa cookie base! We kept it simple and swirled in crunchy rainbow colored chips. If you're still feeling salty, take note of the crisps of potato chip mixed throughout. This sounds like an odd combo. But sometimes life throws us odd combos that tend to workout...Roll with it!

Weight: 6.6oz - Part of the Chocolate Therapy Box



Mindset is half the battle. What are you doing to freshen up and boost your confidence? Sometimes it takes some refreshing to get back on track. We swirled our cocoa base with chunks of Thin Mint cookie. Keep an eye out for specks of green mint chips, too! Simplicity is key here. That's all this cookie needs. Check out the top for a familiar Andes mint.

Weight: 6.8oz - Part of the Chocolate Therapy Box


Climbing Mountains

We'll keep this description simple: trail mix in a cookie! We turned the classic hiking snack into a #thicc treat filled with roasted cashews, tart and chewy dried cranberries, and sweet mini M&Ms. Then we topped it with more M&Ms and Nature Valley crumbles. We can't believe how good this tastes! Take it with you on your next adventure.

Weight: 6.5oz - Part of the Every Body Counts Box


Walk and Talk

We infused this dough with classic espresso. To balance the espresso, we added carmel-y butterscotch chips and espresso chocolate chips. Take a bite, and you'll find a house-made vanilla cream infused with locally roasted coffee straight from Seattle. Can you tell we take our coffee AND our cookies seriously?

Weight: 7.6oz  - Part of the Every Body Counts Box


Iron Therapy

This cookie is built to satisfy every lifter's craving. Whether you have love for the barbell or the cable machines, Iron Therapy is a testament to the strength our bodies can build. Complete with a Cocoa Puff base, distinct butterscotch chips, and a Reese's Cup center - we set a personal record. Check out the top for a chocolate-y top and a buttery Fudge Stripe cookie.

Weight: 7.1oz - Part of the Every Body Counts Box


Berry Mindful

We bridged the gap between mind and body. This cookie sends you into the clouds of consciousness. We gave it a blueberry and strawberry base and lifted the fruity tang with creamy white chocolate. The center of this cookie is filled with deliciously dark fruit jam. Take a breath. Find your center. Enjoy Berry Mindful.

Weight: 6.3oz - Part of the Every Body Counts Box


Birthday Bash

This cookie has a cake flavored base with handfuls of rainbow sprinkles and melty white chocolate. To bring the celebration full-circle, we stuffed it with a frosted vanilla cake center. Grab your birthday hat because every cookie is topped with a circus cookie. Extra sprinkles are mandatory!

Named by Gabbie P. from Albuquerque, NM. 

Weight: 6oz - Part of the Inner Child Box


Krispy Boi

Crack this cookie open with the boys on your block! This is a marshmallow flavored base with sweet white chocolate throughout. In the middle, we baked gooey marshmallow and an actual Rice Krispy treat! Check out the top to see the glorious mound of freshly frosted Rice Krispies cereal.

Weight: 5.5oz - Part of the Inner Child Box


Sugar Rush

This cookie is everything your parents didn't want you to eat. It's a mix of colorful mini M&Ms and flaky Butterfinger bits. But we didn't stop there! We turned back time and brought back the Cosmic Brownie. Split this cookie in half and you'll be met with the nostalgic chewiness of a rich Cosmic Brownie. Also, there are Kit-Kats on top...but you clearly saw that for yourself.

Weight: 6.5oz - Part of the Inner Child Box


Peanut Butter Coping Time

I hope you read the title of this cookie with the Peanut Butter Jelly Time song! Salty and flaky Ritz crackers are crumbled throughout the base. We matched the saltiness with a handful of nutty peanut butter chips. Bite into the center and find layers of real peanut butter and strawberry jelly. To finish it off, we added a drizzle of peanut butter confection and a whole Ritz cracker.

Weight: 6.3oz - Part of the Inner Child Box


All Life No Lemons

We make cookies, not lemonade. So we perfectly balanced tart lemon with sweet blueberry filling and joined it all together with crumbled graham throughout. Get a squeeze of this!

Weight: 6oz - Part of the Stay-At-Home-Summer Box 



Rooting For You

We love root beer floats - We also love cookies. So we combined the two. This cookie is made with real root beer flavor, and creamy white chocolate chips. Find vanilla marshmallow filling in the middle and classic root beer candy on top.

Weight: 6oz - Part of the Stay-At-Home-Summer Box 




Strawberry Feels

A Summer classic. We gave this cookie a sweet vanilla wafer foundation and balanced it with the fruity taste of real strawberry bits. Check out the middle for a layer of strawberry filling.

Named by Carly F. from Seattle

Weight: 6oz - Part of the Stay-At-Home-Summer Box 


Sticky Situation

This is our take the caramel apple! It's loaded with chunks of real apple and caramel bits. The center is filled with smooth and rich butterscotch caramel. 

Weight: 6oz - Part of the Stay-At-Home-Summer Box 




Stay Gold

Stay Gold

Need we say more? This cookie includes lots of salty, crushed pretzels. We round out the saltiness with bits of sweet toffee. Do you like cookie butter? Of course you do. Stay Gold has a melty cookie butter center. To finish it off, we top it with a whole pretzel and a sprinkle of sea salt.

Weight: 6.7oz - Part of the O.G Box




Cookies Rule Everything Around Me.
This is a crowd favorite and with good reason. Each cookie has three whole Oreos in it! We crushed a few into the dough and then stuffed one right in the middle. We then added white chocolate chips to the mix. Finally, we dressed the top with a sweet drizzle.

Weight: 6.5oz - Part of the O.G Box



This Sh!t is Bananas

If banana bread and a cookie had a baby, this would be it. This cookie is thick with heaps of chopped walnuts, dark chocolate chunks, and real banana. We then topped it off with a whole walnut and some more chocolate...because we can!

 Weight: 6.3oz - Part of the O.G Box



No S'more

No S'more

No campfire necessary. We have all three s'more components in this cookie - chocolate, marshmallow, and graham. We crushed graham cracker into this dough and layered in chocolate and marshmallow. Warm this cookie up for a gooey center that will leave you wanting s'more. Isn't this cookie so cute?! AH!

Weight: 5.8oz - Part of the O.G Box