Who We Support - #CookiesForACause

This January, we are proud to support Free From.

"The FreeFrom team is made up of queer, trans, im/migrant, and BIPOC survivors" that strive to support the financial stability and legal rights of survivors across the country.

Coping Cookies is proud to support this organization's initiative and their core values:


  • Aiding survivors in accessing legal options and compensation. "Through (FreeFrom's) Survivor Safety Fund, (they) have been able to distribute over $1.3MM to 4,100 survivors in all 50 states."
  • Hosting peer support groups that prioritize community as well as facilitating the "Survivor Wealth Summit" comprised of funders, policy creators, and survivors to advocate for a system centered in safety.
  • "In conjunction with 4100+ survivors, (FreeFrom) developed a set of comprehensive federal policy priorities that, when passed, will support survivors across the U.S. in building the financial security they need to stay safe."
  • Prioritizing the longevity and growth of the organization by offering a variety of benefits (growth stipend, 5% match of 401k, 100% coverage, and more) and a minimum annual full-time salary of $80k.
FreeFrom does the work to advocate and provide for survivors while acknowledging that the nonprofit complex is not sustainable.


A portion of this month's proceeds will go directly to them and their work.